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DC Black Label released Page Preview and Covers of Harleen #2 comic

DC Black Label, an imprint of DC Comics, has released a 7-Page Preview and Covers of Harleen #2 comic, that will be on sale on October 30 as a print and digital issue.

Part 2 of 3 issue mini-series.

The Official Synopsis of Harleen #2 comic:


Despite the strongest objections from every possible authority-including district attorney Harvey Dent-Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s found herself with free access to every inmate in Arkham Asylum, where she desperately pursues a revolutionary and highly controversial cure to the insanity of Gotham. But her work with the city’s super-criminals quickly muddies the waters of good and evil, and in the deepest, darkest padded rooms of Arkham, even the words of a mad clown start making sense!

Page PreviewClick the image to enlarge.

Page 1 Page 2
Page 3 Page 4
Page 5 Page 6
Page 7


CoversClick the image to enlarge.

Print Edition
Variant Edition

The comic is written by Stejpan Sejic , Art by Stejpan Sejic and Cover by Stejpan Sejic . Variant Cover by Stejpan Sejic.

Street Date: October 30, 2019
Pages: 64
Price: $7.99
Rated: Mature


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