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DC Black Label released Page Preview and Covers of Peacemaker: Tries Hard! #2 comic

DC Black Label, an imprint of DC Comics, has released a 5-Page Preview and Covers of Peacemaker: Tries Hard! #2 comic, that will be on sale on June 6, 2023 as a print and digital issue.

Issue 2 of 6. Mini-Series. Mature Reading!

The Official Synopsis of Peacemaker: Tries Hard! #2 comic:


The Brain has given Peacemaker no choice but to complete a dangerous mission on his behalf, but he won’t have to kick bad-guy butt on his own. With Monsieur Mallah at his side, Peacemaker breaks into the secret base of General Immortus to steal some super-villain DNA. What starts as the team-up you never knew you wanted takes a surprising turn that could leave Peacemaker facedown in a pool of his own blood!

Page PreviewClick the image to enlarge.

Page 1 Page 2
Page 3 Page 4
Page 5


CoversClick the image to enlarge.

Standard Cover Variant Edition
Variant Edition Variant Edition

Written by Kyle Starks
Art by Steve Pugh
Cover by Kris Anka
Variant Cover by Tom Reilly
MOVIE POSTER Variant Cover by Kris Anka
INC 1:25 Variant Cover by Ben Oliver

Street Date: June 6, 2023 (DC Tuesday!)
Pages: 32
Price: $4.99 (Standard / Variant Cover)
Rated: 17+

Product ID:
76194137819000211 (Cover)
76194137819000221 (Variant Cover)
76194137819000231 (MOVIE POSTER Variant Cover)
76194137819000241 (INC 1:25 Variant Cover)

(MR) is Mature Reading – Age 17+


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