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DC Comics released Page Preview and Covers of Speed Force #1 comic

DC Comics has released a 5-Page Preview and Covers of Speed Force #1 comic, that will be on sale on November 14, 2023 as a print and digital issue.

Issue 1 of 6. Mini-Series.

Spinning out of the pages of The Flash, the team of Jarrett Williams (Super Pro K.O., Rick & Morty) and Daniele Di Nicuolo (Nightwing, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), bring the next generation of Speedsters into the Dawn of DC!

The Official Synopsis of Speed Force #1 comic:


Wallace West and Avery Ho: the young speedsters have been Teen Titans, Justice Leaguers, and above all, members of the Flash Family. As they become aware of mysterious changes happening to the Speed Force, they race to Keystone City, where they encounter old friends, new threats, and a chance to forge their own paths.

Page PreviewClick the image to enlarge.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Page 4 Page 5


CoversClick the image to enlarge.

Standard Cover Variant Cover Variant Cover

Written by Jarrett Williams
Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo
Cover by Daniele Di Nicuolo
Card Stock Variant Cover by Lesley Leirix Li
INC 1:25 Card Stock Variant Cover by Mike Deodato Jr

Street Date: November 14, 2023 (DC Tuesday!)
Pages: 32
Price: $3.99 (Standard Cover) | $4.99 (Card Stock Variant Cover)
Rated: Teen Plus

Product ID:
76194138008700111 (Standard)
76194138008700121 (Card Stock Variant)
76194138008700131 (1:25 INC Card Stock Variant)


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