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Superman and Lobo Visit the House of Brainiac This April

With the release of Tom Taylor’s Titans: Beast World, DC set its first pillar of the “Trinity of Evil,” placing Amanda Waller at the center of events that will change the landscape of the DC Universe in 2024. This April, the next block of this new storytelling foundation will be laid, as “House of Brainiac” debuts in the pages of Action Comics, Superman, and other DC titles.

  • Action Comics #1064 on Sale April 9, 2024
  • Green Lantern #10 on Sale April 9, 2024
  • Superman #13 on Sale 16, 2024
  • Power Girl #8 on Sale April 23, 2024
  • Superman: House of Brainiac Special #1 on Sale April 30, 2024

The excitement begins on April 9 with Action Comics #1064, written by Joshua Williamson with art by Rafa Sandoval. This next part of DC’s Superman Superstars publishing initiative finds Brainiac’s Czarnian army invading Metropolis in this action-packed, oversize (40 pages) issue! The Super-Family and all the superheroes of Metropolis join the fight, but will they be enough to hold off Brainiac’s lethal and crazed soldiers?! Can Superman and Lex Luthor learn what Brainiac is searching for? He’s not bottling Metropolis, so what is he collecting instead? This blockbuster issue features a main cover by artist Sandoval, with variant covers by Batman artist Jorge Jiménez, Paolo Rivera, Michael Walsh, and Ariel Colón.

Also on sale April 9, the House of Brainiac saga continues with Green Lantern #10. DC art legend Kevin Maguire joins series writer Jeremy Adams for a three-part backup story, “Guy’s Bogus Lobo Adventure.” This creative combination means guaranteed hilarity and Maguire’s trademark facial expressions galore, as Green Lantern Guy Gardner is on the hunt to find and arrest Lobo, who’s rumored to be competing against some of the toughest wrestlers the universe has to offer! Green Lantern #10 features a main cover by Xermánico, with variant covers by Evan “Doc” Shaner, Jorge Fornés, and Michael Walsh.

Williamson and Sandoval continue the action on April 16 in Superman #13. Superman and Lobo travel across the universe on a hunt for the “Lobo Army” and Brainiac. But can the pair get along long enough to find them before Brainiac enacts the next stage of his dangerous plan? Sandoval also provides the main cover for this issue, which connects with the main cover of Action Comics #1064 to create a massive display of Metropolis’s superheroes from the Superman Family squaring off against Brainiac’s Czarnian forces. Lee Bermejo, Sebastian Fiumara, Alan Quah, and Jerry Gaylord provide variant covers, plus an artist spotlight variant cover by fan-favorite artist and DC president, publisher, and chief creative officer Jim Lee.

On April 23, writer Leah Williams and artists Eduardo Pansica and Júlio Ferreira continue the action in Power Girl #8. After an unexpected attack by Brainiac and his forces, everyone with superpowers in Metropolis has been kidnapped or imprisoned, leaving Power Girl the only superhero to protect a city full of helpless civilians. Will she be up for the challenge, and will the arrival of Crush, Lobo’s daughter, make things even tougher? Wonder Woman: Earth One artist Yanick Paquette provides the main cover, with variant covers from Mark Brooks, W. Scott Forbes, and Irvin Rodriguez.

The first month of “House of Brainiac” concludes on April 30 with Superman: House of Brainiac Special #1. Award-winning writer Mark Russell joins Joshua Williamson as co-writer, with breakout artist Edwin Galmon teaming up with Steve Pugh (Peacemaker Tries Hard!) on art. Featuring cover art by Superman artist Jamal Campbell, this essential part of the Action Comics/Superman crossover reveals Brainiac’s secret history with both Lobo and his homeworld, Czarnia, answering several important questions, including how Brainiac created a bottled city of Czarnia, Lois Lane confronting Perry White about his own secrets during his campaign for mayor of Metropolis, how Amanda Waller is part of all this, and more! And amidst all the chaos of a Metropolis in need of new champions, Bibbo Bibbowski, Metropolis’s favorite bartender, organizes the locals to protect the city they call home!

All issues are available for preorder beginning Friday, January 19, 2024.


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