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DC Comics Announces DC Connect #46

Issue Fourty-Six of DC Connect, your guide to what’s coming from DC each month, is now available, to be shared with friends and fans!

DC Connect #46 is a downloadable, easily shared catalog that features information for DC’s comics, original graphic novels, collected editions, and collectibles—and that’s just the start!



In this issue of DC’s digital catalog features awesome comics coming to your shelves in May 2024!

  • A new DC Black Label epic begins in The Boy Wonder #1 from visionary writer and artist Juni Ba!, as Damian Wayne learns what it really means to be Robin!
  • Speaking of DC Black Label, Rafael Grampá continues his masterwork with the highly anticipated Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham #3!
  • Over in Metropolis, House of Brainiac continues in Action Comics #1065, as Supergirl and Conner Kent take the fight to Brainiac—then in Superman #14, it’s Superman vs. Lobo!
  • Discover the Amazon Warrior’s formative years in Wonder Woman: The Adventures of Young Diana, a new young adult graphic novel!
  • Plus, catch up with the fan-favorite Dawn of DC adventures of two DC icons with Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Outlaw and The Flash Vol. 1: Strange Attractor!

For previous issues of DC Connect, just click here.


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