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Dynamite Entertainment announces ThunderCats: Cheetara for July 2024

Dynamite and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products invite fans to pounce into the big new companion comic book series for the smash-hit ThunderCats mythos, as Cheetara rockets into her own title led by the stellar Soo Lee (Carmilla: The First Vampire).

In a historic first for the franchise, the fierce feline warrior famous for her lightning-fast speed is being showcased in a multi-issue story of her own. Writer/artist Soo Lee is joined by rising artist Domenico Carbone on ThunderCats: Cheetara, with the first issue releasing this July!

Before the founding of Third Earth, before the destruction of Thundera, Cheetara was a young woman with secrets. Now, for the first time, these secrets will be revealed. Wrapped in a stifling life of Thunderian nobility, she seeks to find her place in an unsure universe, and to understand why she’s experiencing alarming visions of both the ancient past and the near future…

“There are some very cool things about Cheetara that have been overlooked in the original cartoon, things that I really want to make the center of her story,” said writer Soo Lee. “She’s also iconic and very strong, it makes sense she gets her own series. It’s a look into one of the most important supporting characters.”

The new era of ThunderCats comics have been blazing up the charts, with fans hotly anticipating each new issue in the flagship series by Declan Shalvey and Drew Moss. For the new series spotlighting Cheetara, Soo Lee has been following the title and collaborating with Shalvey, alongside some binging of the original show and fandom resources to guide her own tales. All that said, this is a separate series that fans can jump right into and not worry about tight chronology with the preceding ongoing.

Lee also contributes a stunning cover to the series in her style. She’s joined by superstar Sozomaika, Lesley “Leirix” Li, Rebeca Puebla, and Edwin Galmon.

No matter how fast Cheetara can run, she can never outrun her own past!

THUNDERCATS: CHEETARA #1 is slated for release in July 2024.


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