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DC Announced eight new “DC Super Powers” Variant Covers!

In August, eight new “DC Super Powers” comic book variant covers will imagine what an unreleased wave of DC action figures would have looked like if the Kenner line of Super Powers toys from 1984-86 had continued!

DC’s new DC Super Powers variant covers coming in August evoke the classic Super Powers toy line and are packed with tons of Easter eggs and details. To re-create the look and feel of the original Kenner Super Powers packaging, original 1980s Super Powers product artist Alex Saviuk has returned to deliver the spot illustrations for each new variant cover. Saviuk was a character artist for the Kenner packaging from ’84 to ’86 and drew many of the minicomics that were included with each figure. The new DC Super Powers variant covers are designed and sculpted by one of the leading historians of the original Kenner Super Powers toy line and the cofounder of Raving Toy Maniac and Action Figure Insider, Jason Geyer, who is a toy designer himself.

DC Super Powers variant cover:

  • Superman – Superman #17 – On sale 8/21/24
  • Batman – Batman #151 – On sale 8/7/24
  • Poison Ivy – Gotham City Sirens #1 – On sale 8/7/24
  • Power Girl – Power Girl #12 – On sale 8/28/24
  • Kid Flash – The Flash #12 – On sale 8/28/24
  • John Stewart – Green Lantern: War Journal #12 – On sale 8/21/24
  • Nightwing – Nightwing #117 – On sale 8/21/24
  • Wonder Girl – Titans #14 – On sale 8/21/24

Reach out to your local comic book shop for preorder information and get yourself one of these DC Super Powers variant covers!

Kenner was awarded the DC toy license in 1982 and developed a line of Super Powers toys that complemented DC’s long-running Super Friends Saturday morning cartoon show. The design of the Super Powers figures was based on the iconic 1982 DC Comics Style Guide, which featured the art of José Luis García-López, and additional art was created for the Kenner Super Powers product line by DC artist Alex Saviuk. The Kenner line of DC action figures was in stores from 1984 to 1986, comprising three waves of figures. Each figure had an “action mechanism” hidden inside that activated upon moving a figure’s arms or legs. Forty years later, the Super Powers collection has remained an in-demand line for collectors, with an extensive revival by McFarlane Toys in stores now!

Look for DC Super Powers variant covers on Batman #151, Gotham City Sirens #1, Green Lantern: War Journal #12, Nightwing #117,Power Girl #12, Superman #17, The Flash #12, and Titans #14!


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